Municipality of the District of Digby


Small wind turbines are most often used in scenarios that call for small-scale electricity generation, to meet the needs of residential homes or small businesses as an alternative to traditional centralized grid-connected power. Typically, a "small" turbine refers to a unit with less than 100kW of generating capacity that may be designed for a more urban setting where ideal wind conditions are not always available. They often have a more lightweight design, allowing sensitivity to minor wind movements and rapid response to wind gusts typically found in urban settings due to more obstructions in the area. They can also take on many different shapes. While large scale wind turbines are often horizontal axis types (resembling a simple propeller), smaller wind turbines can have a vertical axis and many different types of blade shapes.


Small wind turbines with a generating potential of less than 1MW are eligible for enhanced net metering with NS Power, provided the unit has been correctly sized to meet your electrical demands. To learn more about enhanced net metering, go to NS Power's webpage.

Wind turbines with a generating potential of less than 50kW are included in a specific rate category with the Nova Scotia ComFIT program.

The Municipality was successful in obtaining a feed in tariff rate for a small 50 kw wind turbine installed in Mt. Pleasant.  To date the turbine has produced close to one million kilowatt hours of clean green energy.  As well, the MODD have installed a small 5 kw wind turbine to help offset the costs of running the Waste Water Treatment Plant in Smiths Cove.