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Photo Voltaic

Photovoltaic (PV) solar technology converts solar radiation to dc electricity using cells that exhibit the photovoltaic effect. It requires no fuel other than sunlight to operate, and emits no greenhouse gases. Solar PV modules, or panels, are made up of a number of cells (depending on how much generating potential is desired), which are covered with a glass sheet to protect them from the elements. The conversion of sunlight to electricity takes place without the need for moving mechanical parts, giving solar PV panels a long lifespan; usually 25 years or longer.

Solar PV panels were first used mainly for battery charging in areas where a connection to the electrical grid was unavailable, but as technology advances and concern for the environment grows, solar PV technology has been adapted for use in many different applications. Grid-connected PV systems are growing rapidly more popular, a 36% increase in global solar power generating capacity was seen in 2013 alone. Off-grid systems are also growing as more and more people seek lifestyles free from the high cost of centralized grid electricity.


A super close-up image of a solar cell as part of a solar PV panel