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The Digby Annapolis Airport is in the process of investigating the opportunity of creating a “Fly-In Lifestyle Community”. This will be a special place to live where you can realize your passion for aviation – have ease of access to all you want and need for flying. You will be sharing a community with like-minded Aviation enthusiasts.

The project is planned to include:

  • Runway fronting Hangar Home lots – providing the opportunity for pilots and their families to live with a view out their window of plans landing and taking off – they will also have the option to bring their aircrafts right into the Hangar at their home
  • Community Home Lots – just across the street and within close proximity to the communal Hangars – part of the community and close to your aircraft
  • Runway fronting Townhomes – the project includes a small number of townhomes for those that want all the benefits of runway frontage and views – but none of the maintenance that goes along with a home – these units are also very close to the Communal Runways
  • Aircraft and Hangar Services – the project includes
  • Shared Aircraft Ownership program – there is a plan in the works for the opportunity to purchase shares in an Aircraft – the exciting thing about this is the Tax Credits that will come with it – allowing Pilots to buy in at a fraction of the cost – stay tuned for this one
  • Communal Hangars - the plan is for a series of grouped hangars to provide secure storage space for residents to store their aircraft in rental or owned space – the shared aircraft will also have space in these units

plane about to go onto runway

For more information click on the Survey button. Take the short survey and click on the place it asks if you would like to be kept informed.